Arcade Tycoon Simulation-PLAZA
Release Description:
Steve – Channel 4 TV, Go 8 Bit “Joyful, Fun, Addictive”
Geekism – “Retro Tycoon Fun”
Ever wanted to build your own Arcade Empire?
Arcade Tycoon lets the player design, manage and build in this amazing world of classic isometric pixel art. Keep the guests happy by choosing from using a list of hundreds entertainment machines and decorative items. Remember that a happy guest spends more of their hard-earned dollars. Discover new games, tech and staff using the research and unlocking menus. Inspired by Two Point Hospital, Megaquarium and Game Dev Tycoon.Arcade Tycoon Simulation-PLAZA
Design and BuildDelight
your guests with a huge variety of entertainment including consoles, pinball, retro, modern day, shooters, pool, ice hockey, virtual reality and more. Create awesome-looking themed areas by purchasing unique attractions and decorating all aspects: floors, walls, pictures, and all the required and very handy facilities.
12 Campaign Levels and Sandbox
Build and manage arcades at such diverse locations as the ghetto, wacky museums, theme parks, pirate ship, shopping malls and haunted hotels or you can have a casual game with the sandbox mode, and still experience expansion and growth.
Employee and Guests
Proper to be visited by aliens, thieves, raging customers who will drop litter, crave specific machines and need access to food and drinks. Select from a range of staff, whose wages depend on their skill levels. Security, cleaners, technician and entertainers are waiting to help with the guests’ needs.
Power Management
Electrocuting Guests! Make sure you have enough juice for your machines otherwise you could end up with a chain of cataclysmic explosions.
Marketing and FinanceDetailed
finance panel allows you to check all your profits or losses, with monthly statements, graphs, marketing and loans available at Donald Corp.
Upgrades & UnlockablesUnlock
new upgrades and hot Tech to help your arcade run more smoothly or to do research so you can continue to make your arcade more amazing and entertaining.

  • Build and Manage
  • 12 Level Campaign
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Humour
  • Customization
  • Unlockables & Upgrades
  • Power Management
  • Staff Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Appeal System

Come and join discord show off your arcade, take part in competitions, tell us your favorate arcade machines!Arcade Tycoon Simulation-PLAZA
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Squidpunch Studios, Vincent Ltd
Publisher: Vincent King Studio
Release Name: Arcade.Tycoon.Simulation-PLAZA
Size: 837 MB

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Arcade Tycoon Simulation-PLAZA

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